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What is Rapha Tea ?

Unlike common tea drink - black, oolong, green, white, Lipton, Twing, Ceylon etc -which is processed from Camellia Sinensis leaves, Rapha Tea uses Orthosiphon Stamineus leaves.

Orthosiphon Stamineus tea has been consumed for centuries in South East Asia.

It has various local names, the popular being Misai Kucing, Cat Wiskers, Java Tea.

The quality of taste is as good as Camellia Sinensis, except it has additional functional health benefits. Due to this, it is a traditional premium tea drink.

Unlike Camellia Sinensis, the absent of caffein & tannin makes Rapha Tea a choise drink for relaxation.


How does Rapha Tea function?

One of the important nature of Rapha Tea is the 'detoxification' or 'blood cleansing' properties.  The phytonutrients in Orthosiphon Stamineus has diuretic effects on our kidney nephrons, increasing the blood flow, thus improving the filteration rate and the overall performance of the urinary system.


Our kidney is our body filteration organ, removing toxic waste in our blood - uric acid, oxalate, alcohol, cholesterol etc.

It also balances our blood constituences and pH  - water, glucose, sodium, calcium ions etc.

With improve kidney filteration, waste in our blood are expelled more effectively as urine, before it accumulate thus improving our body overall health. 


Does it means I have to go to toilet more often?

No, improve kidney performance means tha same amount of urine discharge but with increase concentration of waste.


Can we over consume  Rapha Tea?

 No, just as you never over consume coffee or tea drinks.

Rapha Tea is NOT a medicine, but a beverage with positive therapeutic health benefits. Being a 18th century traditional drink it is very safe as no negative side effects has ever being reported.


How is Rapha Tea use?

The health benefits of a clean and balance constituence blood system in great and have been documented in traditional medical books.

Below are example on how our customers uses Rapha Tea, beside of just enjoying a cup of delicious and refreshing drink:


* For reducing alcohol hangover and release of excessive drugs/medications from  the blood circulation.


*For slimming or weight management. Due to improve kidney water balancing performance excessive liquid are expel from your body but sufficient retained in your cells. You do not have to reduce your water intake thus avoiding many other health issues like 'dry' physical appearances, kidney stones etc.


*For general health and inner beauty improvement. With less waste/toxin in your blood circulation, you will experience higher level of energy, concentration and clarity of mind and improvement of your facial skin condition.


* For blood pressure improvements due to more efficient removal of sodium ions by your kidney. 


*And many others due to improvement kidney performance giving a cleaner blood circulation.




We have many satisfied customers worldwide!

A simple change in their lifestyle by drinking a functional beverage brings about improvement in their health.

Try this today!

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Rapha Tea - A Healthy & Refreshing Therapeutic Green Organic Botanical Beverage.

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